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Colloidal Silver - Pack of 2
The economical pack of colloidal silver n° 2bis is composed of 2 500 ml bottles plus 2 30ml refillable sprays. You are with family, you use colloidal silver regularly, this pack allows you to save 40 shekels. If you would like more information on colloidal silver before ordering, click here.
Colloidal silver - Pack 2
Economical pack no. 2 consists of a 500ml bottle plus two sprays (30ml volume) of 15 ppm colloidal silver. By purchasing these 3 products together, you save 20 shekels. Colloidal silver is extremely useful externally (internally too, but outside the European Union, legislation requires!). A description of colloidal silver, its...
Colloidal silver - Pack 1
Colloidal silver: economical pack no. 1 consists of a 500ml bottle plus a 15 ppm ionic colloidal silver spray. This formula will allow you to use colloidal silver at home or on the go while saving 15 shekels (17%). Our special file on the colloidal agent: history, manufacture and use
Colloidal silver - Pack 3
colloidal silver: economic pack no. 3 is composed of 3 bottles plus 3 colloidal silver spray 15 ppm this pack allows you to save 50 shekels (18%)
Colloidal silver - Pack 4
Colloidal silver: economic pack no. 4 is composed of 4 500ml bottles of colloidal silver 15 ppm this pack allows you to save 20 shekels (10%)