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The history of colloidal silver goes back thousands of years. Here is an overview of its development over time:


1. ** Antiquity :* * Use of money for medical purposes starting from ancient times. Civilizations such as the Greeks, Romans, Persians and Egyptians used silver for its antibacterial and antifungal properties. Silverware is often used to store water or liquids to keep them from viruses.


2. ** The Middle Ages :* * During the Middle Ages, the nobles used silver utensils to prevent diseases. The doctors of the time also used silver powders to treat a wide variety of skin and eye problems.


3. ** Renaissance :* * In the 19th century, colloidal silver began to be created in more systematic ways. Chemists and doctors have experimented with silver compounds to treat in different ways a variety of diseases and health problems. Its use spread in Europe and the United States.


4. ** Early 20th century :** With the transition to microbiology, colloidal silver became widespread as a type of antimicrobial agent. It was thought that it could kill a wide variety of disease-causing bacteria without causing resistance. It was used to disinfect water, wounds and surgical instruments.


5. ** Modern developments :* * The use of colloidal silver continued in the 20th century, although its use weakened with the development of antibiotics. In the 20th century, interest in it revived with the steady increase in concerns about antibiotic resistance and with the renewed interest in natural treatments.


Today, colloidal silver is available in many health food stores and online, and is used for a variety of skin problems, infections, and health problems. However, its validity and safety are debated, and it is important to consult a doctor before use.



This term is often used to indicate a colloidal silver solution, especially in environments where it is considered a traditional medicine water of money     


Silver solutions : This includes all solutions containing silver particles trapped in a liquid, including colloidal silver.


Colloidal silver solution : a more detailed formula that specifically refers to the trapping of silver particles in a liquid


Silver Nanoparticles  : The silver particles in colloidal silver are often nanometer in size, which sometimes leads to the use of this term.


Ionic silver : Although slightly different from colloidal silver, which consists of silver particles, ionic silver refers to silver ions dissolved in water, which can also be used in similar applications.


Colloidal silver solution : a liquid solution containing microscopic silver particles suspended in a liquid, usually water.


Colloidal silver water : pure water containing trapped silver particles, usually used for the contents held on viruses.


Colloidal silver liquid: a liquid containing trapped silver particles, usually used for medical or alternative health purposes.


Trap of colloidal silver : spread of silver particles in a liquid, when the particles remain trapped and do not sink to the bottom.


Colloidal silver hydrosol : an innocuous solution that contains trapped silver particles, commonly used in alternative or holistic medicine.


Elixir of colloidal silver : a liquid mixture containing trapped silver particles, often used for its purported healing or purification contents.


Silver Nanoparticle Solution: A liquid solution containing entrapped nanometer-sized silver particles, often used for its strong anti-viral properties.


Serum of colloidal silver : a liquid that contains trapped silver particles, used in various uses in medicine or health.